The 5 Coolest iPhone Apps for Techies

The iPhone isn’t just a gorgeous looking piece of kit that allows you to make calls, it’s so so much more than that. Since buying an iPhone, my life has become a lot easier thanks to all of the great apps available over the App Store; I have to shop for my weekly groceries, make dinner reservations, play scrabble with my friends from everywhere on the world, find the name and artist of an audio lesson playing on the stereo in a bar, discover when the next train going to my destination arrives. I’ve become so dependant, I’d be lost without it. It’s equally useful when I’m at work; I have a technical role within the IT industry and I would like to share 5 apps that I’ve found indispensable.

RedLaser Picture the scene, I’m doing a computer network upgrade for my customer on site, I find that one of the pieces of hardware I’m supposed to be installing is dead on arrival (DOA). I need a replacement, fast. I spark my RedLaser app and merely scan the barcode on the outside of the box; RedLaser quickly produces an involving nearby shops that have my item in stock market. I call the shop, purchase the item over the phone, request a taxi to collect it and bring it to me. My customer is impressed with the utilization of technology to solve such a problem; that’s what he remembers and why I still get the opportunity to provide them with further IT solutions.

Cisco Global Internet Speed Test I actually employ this app to measure the number of the wi-fi connection I’m using, I do this whenever I play poker-online via my iPhone. The key I do this is simple; if the quality of the connection is poor, I select not play at high stakes incase I’m involved in a big pot and lose connectivity. The better made the connection, the higher the stakes I play. netflix speed test would also be an usefeul tool when working with an individual that uses a wireless network.

Cisco Mobile six.1 This awesome app allows me become worse voice calls over any wi-fi network using Voice Over IP (VOIP) as an alternative to making the call using my mobile carriers’ network. The organization I work for has a VOIP phone system makes use of Cisco Unified Communications Manager; I simply connect to an additional network when I’m at work, or I connect to the company network the virtual private network (VPN) when I’m away from work and my calls are routed on the net instead of my costly carrier internet connection. This has saved me a product.

Network Ping The most cool app indeed that allows me to ping not only a single IP address, but also a full subnet via my iPhone. My iPhone shows displays all addresses within the subnet, telling me which addresses are working, which addresses have a problem and which addresses aren’t on the network anymore. I’m also able to use this app to Telnet best router and to perform a Traceroute command. Ive used this app as a place to start when debugging IP based networks and highly recommend the.

Analytics Pro Few bunch of apps that access Google Analytics based data for your website, but this undoubtedly the best Possess seen. The information is presented very neatly and also places contains all pretty important features of Google Analytics since visitors, traffic sources, website content, plus any goals or e-commerce related data that you’ve required to be reported . You can manage more than one Google Analytics account and export that data to pdf and text set up. I’ve become addicted to checking my website statistics via this app and with the quality of the presentation used in this particular app, I’m certain you will also.